Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ok ok.

what a long daylight savings. bring back my sleep.
my little boo was in sandiego for the week/short end.
and now i am back to being able to live the blog.

300 is good. good so good it gave me the sense of,
something somewhere is always standing behind me.

oh saturday what am i going to do with my life.
i should own my own embroidery machine. you want some
soccer shorts with soccer balls all over them ok sure.

saturday wee wee wee hours. into to kendall jo hall
auntie heidi blown a way... i can't stand it. so bad i was
going to re paint the bedroom. i need more grown up colors
in there so many if i have my own baby girl the pink won't rule the place.
kendall's room is the bomb.

mondaymonday. i am proud...
oh tuesday.its almost 11 pm. worked 13 hours today.
i am over you. embroidery machine where art YOU.

rant rant yes oh my yes YES . dont make me fall in love with your tables
oh you can have them ... they love you. yes yes oh shh sorry booboo.

the weather is taking my heart.

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Marissa said...

stinkin' tables.