Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the weekend is so much closer now.

shane being awesome is buying me this bike on thursday. i don't know how much more excited i could be. tomorrow. weekday off , and i am ready to tear apart my bedroom and kitchen to empty out everything we don't use... ive always said i was doing this and im really, i am on it this time. plus i can have the house in a total mess until thursday. and be all alone, with no golf tv on the back-round.

everything has been going well. everything.


Alison said...

i am so jealous! it is so mountainous here (or really just hilly) that i would die trying to go up a hill on a cute little cruiser like that, but mannnnn would i like to!

Marissa said...

my nana used to always watch golf on tv- the sound of- well, not much sound- muffled clapping, birds chirping- reminds me a bit of my childhood. i am thinking now of what my nana and shane might have in common..... hmmmm. does shane eat spam? does he save styrofoam meat trays and twist-ties? does shane tuck a kleenex in the waistband of his pants?