Saturday, June 16, 2007

im glad the writing came back

like old times. like old hidden times. and decoder ring. and sorts.
Instead of getting on your moral high horse, why not search for some middle ground that satisfies all the parties involved? It might take a little finagling on your part, but your brainpower can make it happen.
the middle ground and the lights. and the leaves me alones. do i even know you anymore. how much do i care?
honesstly. honest i need you more than ever. but more its just, always. and always meaning i'd rather be alone than ask.
oh parties involved. i would much rather leave you out but you understand right. right from wrong. and honest i think you knew all the time. all the damn time. so it all is winners inner circle. i would have came over alone but its more than that. its the inner most beings. and the grasp of itself. and what we stand for. and your the asshole. even if im feeling. even if it doesnt make sense you are supposed to hold on tight, im always holding but for what. for a grasp of a dream of a alive awake dream. of dreams arent really there and i watch to much movies. the notebook the dar dreams of daily logging in and out since 3rd grade. it all makes sense now. im, still a bit scared. im still a bit holding on. oh this is personally. this is totally grapping my insides. yet whatttttt. where have you been i show feelings. well i say FEELINGS. outloud and it works out so much better. im a rebel. satisfies all the parties involved. summer in 5 days. will i get my walk on the beach. is it close. i miss ocean fireworks. i miss the smell. i miss the everything. its not fair. not at all. ive waited to long and im still going waffle is going to be the best yet ever to come. you just wait. little butter top. little soda on the side. little. I see the light. but i wonder.

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Alison said...

heidi your blog font keeps getting smaller and smaller! i can't barely read it!