Thursday, July 05, 2007

i used to buy clearance napkins

or clerance paper plates, sometimes dish out a treat of wet food for the kitties on a heart shaped paper plate, easy easy clean up.
ive been trying to cut back on spending, buying alot of peds, its the only thing that seems in reason, i am not a paper plate.
sweet late early eve-y bike ride. still hot to make my face cramp. oh water bottle im sorry i forgot you in the freezer.
10pm rain, im so glad i could keep the back door open and you out. will everything really happen. life is going good. fight the urge, is a urge i never knew was even there.
smashing pumpkins maybe next week if we can sneak on the pre sale, also morrissey. followed by soon close behind interpol and virgin fest. the summer, and life has been so good to me.

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alison h. said...

heidi boo, will i be seeing you on sunday?