Saturday, March 29, 2008

trying to stay strong outward may be easier.

i usally esp. weekend wake up to the morning texts from out of town friends, who stay up way later than myself.
this morning.
its called re birth heidi its spring anyway?!

it is spring.
my lil matoes are just starting to get there lil sprouts on, and it almost broke my heart.
so try not to ask me how i am feeling, i really don't know how to tell you, its spring anyway.
all about the sprouts!

thought about hanging up the dancing shones but really i need to get my dance on.


Marissa said...

little sprouts are springing up. Happy Spring, Heidi!!

a.p.heckel said...

oh heidi, never hang up your dancing shoes. there is too much lovin' on that floor!