Wednesday, June 18, 2008

oh sweet jane

standing on hampton blvd at 630 am
trying to catch the bus i was too late for (only bc it was early)
work at 702 off at 334

counting calories lunch
little bit of azars couscous just to make the
spinach wet.
amys 280calorie vegan burrtio

160cal oreo snack!

rode my bike with the flow of traffic to GW
basket in hand shopping.

ive been riding in traffic alot . getting pretty good at it.
cruzer in traffic can be kinda hard. hence me wanting a road bike so bad.
but im getting good keeping up with my road bike friends.

english muffin dinner night two

vegan sloppy joe
vegan coleslaw

now im baking a cake while my roomate buys a dress for her boyfriend sister's wedding.

ive never had so many dinner parties. and im stuffed.

and now a pink buttons

watch out the worlds behind you!

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