Tuesday, July 01, 2008

who are you??!?!?

six dollar football beers

sometimes i get so over myself thinking
more or less the dreaming.

that i can see you . see what your doing without even you being in my sight.
picture you and the thought.

i cant wait to stand in the middle of lasvegas blvd
sweat pouring and just hold my breath
ive been there at times of my deepest love.
times when i had to call back home just to hear a heart.
stood there with father and brother.
and best friend.

now i will stand again, alone. and again once picture you at the height
probly no one ever could or will.

i hope someone is telling you they love you.

i love everything, so sometimes i dont know if my iloveyou counts.

who are we kidding ? ive been more in love with myself these days.
more in love with standing alone. this time im going to be standing a little
bit taller and prouder.
its been a long hard year. pressing on.

i've probly wrote this blog ten different times in ten different ways.
family las vegas blvd

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Marissa said...

awww, that's a nice family pic!!