Thursday, September 25, 2008

tonight i kept thinking about the snow, if the rain was snow.
the bus driver had to take a huge detour around hampton blvd,
lucky i got dropped off right at the end of my street next to my apt.
today i also purchased my first RIDE for 30 days bus pass. SWEET. now i can
go when ever i want to, and not have to think about $$$
yesterday i signed up for the bus program at my work. getting free bus passes is easy .
just have to make sure if i ever drive its for good purpose.and never!

i still have a car. infact i had a rental for three weeks, got my car back looks great!

i like the commmute!
and why not right ?
relax. relax. life is to short.

even walking to the laundry mat is fun!

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