Sunday, November 23, 2008

fish sticks

lately, falling down alot. in fact, i almost fell off the bus tonight, half because i wanted the driver to ask me if i was ok so i could look back at him and wink, and well he was going too fast and just slammed on the brakes to let me off. all in all i didnt fall down. ive also been falling out of my shoes alot.

lots of cleaning, mentally, lots of planning for the return of TEH. i cant wait to have that bitty on my love seat, for over night crazy times. we have just a few weeks together i am planning a party with american flags and heart potatoes! oh usa.

still getting amped on the wonderland, which will own me over next friday!
thanksgiving with the grands, along with a can of B&M

mmmm thats what i was raised on. hard to find. so i figured it would be the best thanksgiving gift to the best grandparents ever!


a.p.heckel said...

i don't really understand that b&m thing. canned bread? is that really what that is? also, i was so happy that you texted me about fish sticks. i love fish sticks and still have a scar from taking a batch out of the oven when i was drunk on labor day. said...

ahaha, i bought a can of that for osiris one year. i had never seen such a thing.

Marissa said...

the name of that stuff is suspect. i always wonder about it when i see it at the store (always available at farm fresh, wards corner).
i love fish sticks too, with globs of tartar sauce.

i am sooo sorry i missed your crafty show. i have been busy with babies, but still, no excuse.
happy turkey day, lady.