Tuesday, November 11, 2008


my dad, upstate new york just called to tell me "they had the first snow fall."

my brother sadly so sadly isn't moving back to va. but soon he will be in va.
and in the US, and hopefully they will not send him back. though it could happend
in 6months.
also got a NUMBER TO REACH HIM! between the hours of 3am-7am.

crafting was amazing.
i still have the blood flowing in my body,
but now its on for christmas gifts.
and christmas tree decor.
i maybe for real making a winter wonderland this winter, at 1001 gates.
its been a long time coming.

thankyou vets! you make me so proud to be an american!

lets hope for a fast november full of prep for the winter season!

SOUPS but right now i want to make some brownies.

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