Friday, February 27, 2009

Tramping and Trailing

that feeling i've been waiting and not so waiting for... that took over a year to get here
and now it is going to "went" came and went. best of the best.

no way to spend a spring.

oh how i've missed my bike.

im really going to try to get out of the this cryptttty writings, but how.
and im also going to try to bring my camera a bit more.
oh i did go to the ocean at nearly 2-3 am last night.
ohh yeah and i efx'ed three times this week.
and even watched whatever martha at the gym
and laughted out loud with headphones on

oh i love you martha


kristin spill guts said...

omg, this video cracked me up. i really wish i saw you laughing with headphones on.

swampy said...

mike and i have watched this show before- it randomly comes on one of the upper cable channels.
her daughter is- i don't know? snooty. trying too hard. alexis (isn't that her name?)has a free pass though, because can you imagine how hard it must be to be martha stewart's daughter?
btw- marissa here. i know i'm signed in as swampy.