Tuesday, March 31, 2009

weekdays off.

today i cleaned my bedroom,bathroom,and kitchen.
washed all the stinky dishes. cooked dinner and washed those dishes too.
scrubbed the bathtub,toilet.
burned my new yankee candle vanilla lime. went to bagel breakfast walk, and
dollar tree.

watched all my leftover guildinglights and the offices. (with spooning kitties)

put away clothes and cleaned off typewritter table.
now im going to listen to itunes on random
and enjoy the fresh chill coming in the cracked window.

hopefully the next day i have off will be filled with
those crafty times. instead of silly pressing duties.


kristin spill guts said...

oh how you do love to craft.

Juge said...

yeah but don't you feel awesome you accomplished all that crap in one day?!?! I love those days (when they're over ha)