Monday, April 06, 2009

mental errands

i twittered this,
stupid twitter.(i hate it.)
i really just have a bad memory, like my room should be full
of quotes and things to do but that would be crazy.

" i think its sexy for a woman to say i want this and if you can't give it cool..."
for real ladies bounce on that one. read that in a mag at the gym yesterday.

oh yeah and get one baked potato soon.
for baked potato dinner.

oh yeah and military hwy goes from Chesapeake, vb , and Norfolk.
just putting that one in there because apparently last month i forgot
it went through vb. who's counting!


Truly said...


Marissa said...

' i think it's sexy for.............' ahh, fuck those magazines. what the fuck do they know, anyways?

i want to hang out. i need to hang out with some real bitches.