Thursday, July 16, 2009

day dreaming

I always say how life is great and over the top.
i had a major put out , crappy back.
wobbling around like one leg is longer than the other
and losing balance all of the time.
im still having and issuse moving my toes and the top of
my right foot.Back to the doctor next week.
i blame it on the night my crocs broke.

then dancing way to hard. more like jumping
swimming in the ocean,
jumping off the diving board
bringing my bike up and down the steps way too many

its been real lonely, having two kitties for roomates this month.

tonight i am getting my hair cut and then hopefully a lemon will
bring me energy to post more money makers to ebay.

got to get out of here.

i have brought four pairs of shoes this month
and am going to see depeche mode in 12 days

but i really just need a water slide.

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