Monday, June 21, 2010

at the moment i am reading, how to become a minimalist.
or wait im googling it.

moving is hard, in all ways. i really should have moved out of this apt years ago.

im leaning on just throwing things away.
right now there is three force flex bags sitting on my bedroom floor.

i need help.
more so i just need the keys to the new place so i can go
and breathe, that central air/dishwasher/washing machine
is to die for.


oohkendra said...

heidibug, i love you and your posts.. and your laugh! purge that stuff that's tyin' you down! you have something wonderful happening!

little pink trees. ooo said...

thank you lady that means alot! alot alot alot.! i want to come swimming soon! cant wait to take steven into shucks! hes never been .... but we need girl time pool soon!