Tuesday, May 29, 2007

l i v i n d r e a m s

double glasses
ive been living in my blogs for years now. live-journal key holder member since 2001. wow thats crazy.
i have my live-journal years printed and bided in books. i really think my writing style has changed since moving over to the "blogger" but maybe its just that i have grown up a little. i am cool with that. im cool with being cool with staying home all weekend nights and watching old vince Vaughn movies with my love......
anyway to my point. or points ssss
5-27. love wakes up 7 am for (more more more golf.) i think half asleep ohhh poo its going to be hot today. so i hurry run put on my work out clothes and out the door bike downtown up waterside down around y to cmofa. then around fairfax water way up coffee drinking colley ave. one hour later. home grits. and relax for a 10 text date for 1pm lets see waitress. cute cute cute movie. then home making my boy memorial day feast.
5-28 back to the working world. whip out some very important orders. home and mo' bike this time around odu, and all its key areas. lamberts. and then home walk it out. dinner and then i remember.
its been five months no fast food. minus subway.


apheckel said...

oh my gosh. heidi! five months! that's incredible. i should do that for the summer. i got some sandwich materials at my house right now!

littlepink trees. flapping in the wind oh you spring time. my time our time. said...

sandwich and cherry tomatoes. and left overs. chick patties cut up on to crackers. its fun, and funny. some days such busted lunches but it all works.