Friday, May 25, 2007


05 24
picked up bike from contes
rode home, met girl next door for a 30 min ride to t west and around the trail.
carried bike up three flights of stairs. (yea, that isnt like having a baby.)
05 25
carried bike down three flights of stairs.
rode to the cruise ship ter.
"please dont speed on the deck, smile."
around smelt
of honeysicks, watch hel cop land at heart hos
ran into 5 cars going to t west.
carried bike up three flights

currently waiting for my honey slice.
after his golf tourny to head up to the store.

"heidi and shane seem real cool but, really its just seems like they are always doing laundry."

saturday- hopefully ride a bit, more than a bit. and of coarse Laundry.

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